Purifying Treatment Essence

Purifying Treatment Toner

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Product Description

Purifying Essence is designed to unblock pores without drying out the skin.  It helps exfoliate while hydrating the skin at the same time.

It contains a blend of exfoliating and anti-inflammatory actives.

Betaine Salicylate helps to unblock pores.  It contains a trimethylglcycine molecule that offers keratolytic and moisturising properties simultaneously.

Niacinamide reduces inflammation and oil flow.  It also increases ceramides which enhances a healthy skin barrier and prevents post inflammatory pigmentation.

Sodium Lactate hydrates and also exfoliates the skin.


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Sample, 50ml/1.7oz, 150ml/5oz, 1L/33.8oz, 60ml/2oz, 200ml/6.7oz, 500ml/16.9oz


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